SEVENTEEN’s The8 Has The Sweetest Relationship With Mingyu’s Mom And Dad

My heart can’t take it!!

SEVENTEEN members appeared as guests on a radio show where Mingyu revealed the special bond The8 shared with his his parents!

During their talk, The8 opened up about the friendship he has with Mingyu’s parents. Since The8’s parents are in China, Mingyu’s parents have become his Korean parents!

I have a friendly relationship with Mingyu’s dad. My parents are in China so Mingyu’s parents are like my Korean mom and dad.

— The8

Whenever he needs the help of his mom and dad, The8 can rely on Mingyu’s parents for immediate help. Mingyu’s parents also told him to think of them as his second set of parents!

They always help me with basic living essentials, and we meet up to grab a meal together too. They told me, ‘Since your parents are abroad, consider us your mom and dad.’

— The8

Just how close are The8 and Mingyu’s parents? They go out to eat even without Mingyu’s knowing! Mingyu confessed that he was surprised when The8 casually dropped that he goes out for meals with Mingyu’s parents and Mingyu didn’t even know about it!

I once asked him, ‘What did you do today?’ and he said, ‘I met your dad.’ I was so surprised!

— The8

Considering how the SEVENTEEN brothers have literally grown up with each other since their young trainee days, it doesn’t seem that surprising that the parents consider all of the members their sons!

They’ve been through it all from the ups and the downs as they started off from humble beginnings to idol kings!

But just look at these two! They basically pass as twin brothers! The bond between The8 and Mingyu’s family are literally heart-wrenchingly adorable!