SEVENTEEN’s THE8 Shows Loving Support For Jun During His “Silent Boarding Gate” MV Shooting

Their friendship is too precious!

SEVENTEEN‘s THE8 showed off his loving support for Jun on the set of his “Silent Boarding Gate” music video shooting!

As many Carats are well aware, Jun released his solo single “Silent Boarding Gate” music video back on February 14 and it was nothing but successful! From the music video’s beautiful scenery to Jun’s angelic voice, the video and song are perfect! During the filming of the hit songs’ music video, it was revealed that Jun’s fellow member THE8 visited him on set. THE8’s reaction to seeing Jun filming is just too adorable not to see!

| @pledis-17/Twitter

While he watched Jun’s filming, THE8 showed his excitement for him and greeted the viewers: “Hello. I came to see Jun. It’s so cool.

As he watched Jun acting, THE8 couldn’t hide his enthusiasm and covered his mouth and continuously giggled. Their friendship is seriously precious!

Once the director called “Cut,” THE8 proudly clapped for Jun and his stunning performance.

Jun introduced THE8 to the camera and stated, “He said he went to N Tower (Namsan Tower) before coming” to the shoot. THE8 then clarified that he arrived at the music video set earlier, however, Jun was sleeping. Instead of waking him up, THE8 went to N Tower: “I came here to encourage Jun but he was sleeping. So I went to see the N Seoul Tower.

Continuing to show his support, THE8 remained on set until the last shot. Even in the cold weather, THE8 stood on a balcony above where Jun was shooting and loving watched him film his scene. On the balcony, THE8 happily danced along to Jun’s song and cheered, “It’s Jun hyung’s last scene.

Jun expressed that through his song, he wanted to share the message that everyone should take care of those in their life, and that’s exactly what the members of SEVENTEEN do for each other. Instead of being alone, Jun was cared for and watched over by THE8.

What I want to say through this song is that I want you to take care about the people around you. Because it’s cool that you got to meet them and are able to talk to them, out of all the people in the world. I hope you always say ‘Thank you’ to the people around you after listening to this song.

— Jun

Check out the video below: