SEVENTEEN’s The8 Gets Mobbed At Chinese Airport

Netizens are furious with PLEDIS for not protecting their artists.

PLEDIS Entertainment is currently under fire following SEVENTEEN The8‘s mobbing experience.


Though December has just begun, SEVENTEEN have already been extremely busy this month. The Japanese leg of their Follow tour began in late November and continued with two shows in Nagoya on December 2 and 3.

| PLEDIS Entertainment

The next set of shows in Osaka begins on December 7; in the meantime, several members have returned to Korea to wait for their next schedule.

The8’s next schedule happened before the concerts, as the star was scheduled to appear in a live broadcast for KIKO Milano on December 5 on the brand’s Douyin account.

| KIKO Milano Weibo

The star appeared in high spirits when he landed in China while still inside the terminal, posing for fan-taken photos.

However, once The8 exited the terminal to the general waiting area, fans immediately swarmed the idol, who appeared to have almost no security.

As the crowd increased ferocity, fans got close enough to touch the idol, who appeared highly distressed. At one point, The8 can be seen covering his ears with his hands and ducking over.

While the star later appeared unharmed on the KIKO Milano livestream…

…fans have expressed anger towards PLEDIS Entertainment, demanding they better protect their artists.

This is not the first time a member of SEVENTEEN has dealt with a mobbing situation. Earlier this year, Jun faced a similar airport situation, with many voicing similar concerns over the lack of bodyguards.