SEVENTEEN Challenges Fans And Fellow Celebrities Alike With Their #LeftRightchallenge

Think you can handle it?

SEVENTEEN has always been raising the bar with each successive comeback, but this time, they posed that challenge to their fans and fellow celebrities.

In celebration of the release of their latest mini-album Heng:garae and it’s hit lead single “Left & Right,” the group created a TikTok dance challenge.

Titled the #LeftRightchallenge, it’s already amassed 20 million views, according to TikTok. Seungkwan and Hoshi even provided a brief tutorial to the dance for those who are up for the challenge:

While fans are, of course, the primary target for SEVENTEEN’s challenge, the boys have also managed to wrangle up a few of their fellow celebrity friends to join them.

Left: Hoshi with Baekho; Center: Hoshi with Kim Gu Ra; Right: Vernon with Sik-K

We first had NU’EST‘s Baekho join in on the fun, with Hoshi desperately trying to keep up:

Then there was Vernon bopping along to the song with fellow Show Me the Money 4 contestant Sik-K:

Even fellow labelmate Ren from NU’EST joined Seungkwan for a very…energetic performance:

Other idols and celebrities have also joined in on the challenge, including YouTube creators enjoycouple, Dutch pop singer Wouter HamelApink‘s Eunji, and even Block B‘s ZICO.

Heng:garae and “Left & Right” have been showing great success since their release on June 22. The mini-album has charted #1 on over 25 iTunes albums charts across the globe after selling over half a million units just two days into its presale. “Left & Right” has also been on the top of charts such as Melon, Genie, and Bugs, among others.

SEVENTEEN will be continuing their promotion schedule on June 26 on KBS2‘s Music Bank, and with all of the positive attention the song has been receiving, fans are hoping for a first-place win.

Check out the official music video below, and for your viewing pleasure here’s a compilation of most of SEVENTEEN’s various TikTok performances (with a few omitted exceptions):

Source: NAVER and Ameba


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