SEVENTEEN Vernon’s Collab With Charli XCX Drops At Midnight And We’re So Ready

We can’t believe this is finally happening!

Fans of SEVENTEEN have been dreaming of Vernon collaborating with Charli XCX ever since he first mentioned that he sings to her music in the shower.

Vernon | @vernon_98/Instagram

Those dreams got much closer to reality when Charli reached out to Vernon for a collab a few weeks ago, and hype has been building constantly ever since it was confirmed.

Charli XCX (right) with Rina Sawayama (left), who is also featured on the track | @charli_xcx/Instagram

When Charli posted a sneak peek at the new remix yesterday, it only got fans even more pumped up for the release, and now we’ll finally be able to listen to it!

The song is available to listen on Spotify starting at 12:00 AM on February 25th. This means that for fans in earlier time zones, the song is already out!

Many fans are already enjoying Vernon’s verse on the song, and we are so excited to hear it ourselves once the clock hits midnight in all of our time zones. We’re so happy for Vernon for getting this opportunity to collaborate with an artist he admires, and we hope he’ll have more chances like this in the future!

Source: @FckyeahCharli