SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Accidentally Hit Mingyu In A Sensitive Spot At Their Recent Concert

Poor Mingyu 😂

If you’ve been keeping up with SEVENTEEN‘s ongoing Be The Sun tour, you’ll know that Mingyu has one outfit during the show that a lot of fans are swooning particularly hard over.

Though he seems to wear a jacket over the outfit most of the time, it’s still easy to see the K-Pop idol’s toned physique underneath the mesh shirt in question!

The shirt has led to countless hilarious and unforgettable moments during SEVENTEEN’s concerts, many of which have been shared far and wide on social media.

At SEVENTEEN’s recent Atlanta stop, however, Mingyu’s exposed chest went viral among Carats for an unexpected reason 😂

While wearing the mesh shirt with his jacket slung off of his shoulders, Mingyu was unable to protect himself from being poked, apparently painfully, in a sensitive spot by fellow member Vernon.

And his reaction to the accidental “stab” was stronger than one might expect!

The fan reactions on social media are definitely relatable and hilarious 😂

SEVENTEEN’s concerts never fail to have impromptu entertaining moments like this!