SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Reveals The One Question He Wants To Ask Every Foreign Fan

How would you respond?

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu, Seungkwan, Joshua, and Vernon sat down with FO Squad Kpop to hang out and have an interview, talking about everything from what got the interviewers into K-Pop to silly questions like “Can you run faster than an ostrich?”

From left to right: Ousmane, Mingyu, Seungkwan, Joshua, Vernon, and Lou | FO Squad Kpop/YouTube

Interviewers Ousmane and Lou are big fans of SEVENTEEN and were stoked to have them on their YouTube channel. Before the interview began, Vernon was curious about one thing, and it was a question that he wanted to ask every single foreign fan of theirs.

Ousmane shared that his intro to K-Pop was BTS V‘s song “Singularity,” because they did a reaction video to the music video when it first trended. Long story short, they fell into the black hole of K-Pop, which led them to SEVENTEEN’s song “Getting Closer.”

Ousmane’s story is undoubtedly similar to many other international K-Pop fans, starting first with one K-Pop group and then branching out and discovering more from there!