SEVENTEEN Vernon Reveals He Suffered From Sociophobia Because Of His Good Looks

Vernon confessed that when he was young, he felt pressure from all the attention he received from people.

SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon appeared on Happy Together Season 3 where he revealed photos of himself when he was a child.


The photos he revealed showed a young Vernon who had the same good looks.


With twinkling eyes, a sharp nose and cute cherry lips, he looked like a real doll.


People may envy him for his stunning visuals, but Vernon had been hurt in the past because of his appearance.


All the attention he got from people when he was little put a lot of pressure on him.


He confessed to even experiencing symptoms of sociophobia because of his biracial appearance.


Although Koreans think he looks more Western than Korean, Vernon emphasized that his tastes are more Korean! He said that his favorite food was his grandmother’s dongchimi (Korean radish water kimchi).


But now, Vernon learned to become comfortable with his looks! He’s become famous for resembling Leonardo DiCaprio, earning him the nickname “VerCaprio”.


Vernon stated that he felt happy when people told him he looks like Dicaprio but he was also embarrassed.


What’s for sure is that his visuals, in the past and now, are exceptional. It’s no surprise that people gave him so much attention!

Source: Joongbu Ilbo