SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Proves His Rockstar Status With Iconic New Airport Fit

Those killer boots have everyone obsessed.

SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon has gotten CARATs’ attention with his latest airport fit, and it’s not hard to see why.

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon | @vernonline/Instagram

SEVENTEEN made their way to Bangkok, Thailand, on January 5 for the 37th Golden Disc Awards ceremony. Unlike most other trips the group has taken, this time, SEVENTEEN took off from the Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Center, which caters exclusively to “business flight customers” and “VIPs”—eliciting some proud comments from fans.

While Vernon has gained plenty of attention for his airport looks in the past, January 5’s Vernon is set to be a standout. Dressed in a sleek Saint Laurent leather jacket, Vernon made an unexpected pairing, putting on a pair of denim shorts and long black boots.

| @vernonline/Instagram

Fans were left appropriately impressed with his bold look…

…while others found it looked somewhat familiar.

While the whole ensemble worked, the black Rick Owens boots proved to be the highlight!


CARATs couldn’t help but notice that the outfit perfectly fit the punk rock theme of his recent solo song, “Black Eye,” proving that he is truly a rockstar in his own right.

Vernon never fails to disappoint, whether it’s as an artist or as a fashion icon!

Source: SGBAC


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