SEVENTEEN Vernon’s Sister Shuts Down Rumor About Liking One Member More Than The Others

She addressed the false rumor being spread.

Like many of the SEVENTEEN members, Vernon has a sibling that’s well-known to fans: his younger sister Sofia Chwe. She recently took to social media to debunk rumors that she liked a particular member more than the rest.

Sofia and Vernon backstage on the “Ode To You” world tour. | @sofiaeschwe/Instagram

At one point in Sofia’s live, she read a comment from a viewer that asked her to choose between DK and Vernon.

Instead, Sofia asked a question of her own: “You’re really asking me to choose from one of my brother’s friends [and] my brother? Really? Really? Really?

That reminded Sofia to address false rumors being spread about her, one regarding DK. She said, “Everyone thinks I’m obsessed with DK. I need to clear this [up].

Sofia explained that she was live when a viewer asked her if she liked DK. Since she likes all of the members equally, she answered to reflect that.

However, her words were twisted by some to imply that she liked DK romantically. Sofia shut that rumor down, “He’s my brother’s friend. …no.

Someone was like, ‘Sofia, do you like DK?’ And, I was like, ‘Yeah, of course. I like DK.’ Because I like all of them!

— Sofia Chwe

Many SEVENTEEN fans gathered to support Sofia, requesting that everyone respect her privacy as a normal person and not ask her any more questions about the group.

All that matters is Sofia loves her brother and respects all of the members.

| @sofiaeschwe/Instagram
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