SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Confirms Fans’ Suspicions About His New Tattoo

It has such a romantic meaning.

SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon is no stranger to tattoos, or at least, fake ones. His already stunning visuals and charisma turn fatal every time he wears fake tattoos, so it’s no surprise why CARATs would be all for Vernon getting a real one.

Unlike his intense energy on stage, Vernon is quite the free spirit, but while he can be a walking meme, he also has a heart of gold, and his love for those around him is unrivaled. He’s even tattooed his mom and sister’s names on himself for a concert, proving his devotion and pride in his family.

As if answering everyone’s secret wishes, CARATs noticed that Vernon might have had a new and real tattoo back in September. Despite all our suspicions, they weren’t confirmed until a month later.

On October 29, Vernon and Dino had a fansign as the ambassadors for Bioderma, a Korean skincare line. At the fansign, Vernon flexed his various charms, including his natural aegyo and hilarious reactions.

Vernon also confirmed during the fansign that his ear tattoo was real, and fans are once again fawning over how amazing it looks.

I asked Vernon about his tattoo and he said that he got it right before the tour started … it’s so beautiful … I asked if he had another tattoo anywhere else, but he said he didn’t.

— @wwnvn_/Twitter

Stardust represents dreams or enchantment, while stars can represent guidance and hope. As an artist, Vernon and SEVENTEEN as a whole have been the light in many CARATs’ lives, constantly encouraging fans to cherish themselves and chase after their dreams. With such a romantic meaning, it’s only further proof that while Vernon’s full of charisma on stage, he’s really a total softie, and his stardust tattoo suits him perfectly.

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