SEVENTEEN Vernon’s Witty New Instagram Username Is Cracking Carats Up

Carats are happy to see “unserious” Vernon is back 😂

SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon is known for dropping a witty one-liner and amused fans with that exact skill when recently changing his Instagram username.

Vernon | @pledis_17/Twitter

When Vernon first joined Instagram with the iconic username @chwenotchew, fans crowned it the best one yet and are still hoping it’ll make a comeback. He then changed it to the much simpler @vernon_98, which had fans hoping for something more fun. It looks like Carats got their wish.

Using a play on words with his first name, Vernon changed his username to @vernonline, which marked the idol’s return to being hilariously “unserious.” A fan even pointed out why his Instagram page was so witty.

Between Vernon’s username and his profile photo that seemed to have a double meaning, fans were happy to see the idol back to joking around.

Some fans even joked that Vernon should change his Instagram username to the same one he’s currently using on Weverse.

Whenever Vernon changes his usernames on any social media platform, fans can prepare to be amused by his witty humor.

| @vernonline/Instagram