SEVENTEEN’s Vernon And Wonwoo Being Mobbed At The Airport Sparks Outrage

They were all mobbed, but videos of the two members caught the attention.

The situation with idols at airports has become a hot topic amongst netizens, with debates on the safety of idols and the fans there. Recently, SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon and Wonwoo felt the full force of the crowds when arriving for an overseas show.

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon and Wonwoo | @pledis_17/Twitter

It seems like idols are met with dangerous crowds more and more when they go to the airport, and it has sparked outrage as many believe the people going to see the idols aren’t “real fans.”

SEVENTEEN recently made their way to Bangkok ahead of their shows there later in the week. While there were many fans waiting, arrivals tended to be more organized, so the members walked through, interacted with the media, and went on their flight.


On December 22 (KST), a video was shown of Vernon arriving in Bangkok to even bigger crowds but without as much security. The crowds were surrounding Vernon, trying to get a glimpse of the idol…

At one point, Vernon was on the floor, the idol dropped something on the floor. Yet, the crowd continued to push past the idol to see the other members, leaving Vernon on the ground.

When the videos were posted, netizens couldn’t hide their emotions at the lack of order and etiquette for the members. Whether Vernon was pushed or not, the fact fans kept running and pushing forward was not right.

Yet, it wasn’t the only traumatic experience members of SEVENTEEN had. When the other members arrived in Bangkok, they were also crowded, and in particular, members worried about Wonwoo. The idol has been open about his fear of flying and the crowds.

In the videos of the huge crowds, Wonwoo covered his ears, presumably because of all the noise from a large number of fans waiting.


After everything that the idol had said about the airport and flying, netizens were extremely angry about the behavior of the fans.

The topic of idol security and fans at the airport has become an even bigger topic recently. While it doesn’t always require major action, many think that idols should be able to have a peaceful time during their travel.