SEVENTEEN’s Vernon’s Recent Post On WeVerse Proves He’s The Kind Of BFF We All Need

He talks to Carats like they’re good friends!

SEVENTEEN‘s members use the WeVerse app to talk regularly with their fans. Interactions with the idols are often quite hilarious given their silly personalities, and a recent post by Vernon definitely showcases this!

On May 24, the SEVENTEEN member took to the app under his username “kpoppapi” to have fans help him choose what movie to watch.

The choices he gave were Shrek and Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, and the childhood classics sparked an “intense” discussion between Vernon and fans.

He got playfully aggressive with some commenters 😂

And others just confirmed his good taste in his movie choices.

Eventually, it seems like he did come to a decision!

Carats are getting a kick out of the SEVENTEEN member’s interactions with fans on the app!

Others expressed their love for Vernon and his choice of movies.

And some are just confused about his username 😂

If given the choice, which movie would you watch with Vernon?