SEVENTEEN Wins Their First Daesang At 2019 AAAs 4 Years After Debut

Congratulations SEVENTEEN!

SEVENTEEN won their first Daesang at the 2019 Asia Artist Awards!

The 2019 Asia Artist Awards was held on November 26, in Vietnam which was attended by some of the biggest K-Pop acts.

SEVENTEEN won three awards in total, “Best Social Artist (Singer),” “Best Icon,” and “Album of the Year (Daesang).”

The “Album of the Year (Daesang)” was awarded to SEVENTEEN in recognition of their 3rd Full Album An Ode which was released in September of this year.

The group’s “Album of the Year (Daesang)” award marked history for the boys as they take home their first Daesang ever since making their debut in 2015. The members were immensely grateful to their CARATs and to everyone who enabled them to receive the award.

Group producer and vocal unit leader Woozi thanked CARATs for making them shine.

It’s an honor as an artist that we SEVENTEEN are receiving this heavy award. Thank you to AAA and Star News for this award. Thank you to Han Sung Soo and Pledis Staff. Most importantly, I’d like to thank those who make us shine brightly, CARATs. It’s a big honor to receive a Daesang on an album we self-produced. Thank you.

The boys made sure to give group leader, S.coups a special shout out in their acceptance speech as the leader is currently taking a temporary hiatus due to his health concerns, and therefore, was not able to attend the award show.

Our best and coolest hyung, are you watching? Although you’re not here, we worked hard for our performance. I’d like it if we can be on stage with you sooner.

Mingyu also shared how their leader always dreamt of receiving a Daesang for the group.

Coups hyung always wanted us to be a group that receives a Daesang. Today, we received that Daesang. We will relay this special award to him. I’d also like to sincerely thank our CARATs.

CARATs celebrated this special and hard-earned award through trending the hashtags “#SVT_Daesang” and “#SVT1stDaesang” worldwide. Fans were overwhelmed with this great achievement and made sure to celebrate the well-deserved award with their heads held high!

Check out SEVENTEEN’s “Fear” from their Daesang awarded album, An Ode, here: