SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Is Gaining Attention For His Reaction To Seeing A Misogynistic Slur During His Gaming Broadcast

“He said no misogynistic slurs under my roof…”

SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo is gaining attention after netizens are praising his reaction to a misogynistic slur appearing during his gaming broadcast.

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo | @everyone_woo/Instagram

Since debuting, Wonwoo has always gained attention from fans for his visuals, talent, and the way he treats fans.


While Wonwoo is extremely handsome and talented, he is also known as a gentleman. The idol is gaining attention for his reaction to seeing a misogynistic slur during a game.

On June 24, Wonwoo was back on Weverse Live with CARATs, enjoying some gaming while chatting with fans watching him. As expected, the idol brought his unreal visuals and charming personality to the broadcast.

| SEVENTEEN/Weverse   

At one point, Wonwoo was happily searching for clues when he entered a bedroom and opened some drawers. While the first was empty, Wonwoo seemed excited that there was a card in another.


Yet, netizens noticed his expression change slightly as he turned over the card and saw the word “B*tch” on it. For many, the word is a misogynistic slur that has been used as a negative word against women.


If that wasn’t enough, netizens noticed how quickly Wonwoo turned the card back over, and while he had always been talkative and smiley during the broadcast, his expression seemed deadpan after seeing the words.

| SEVENTEEN/Weverse 

When the video was shared online in TikTok videos and on Twitter, netizens couldn’t get over his reaction to the word appearing during the game. In particular, while Wonwoo is known for being a gentleman and not liking cursing, many praised his reaction and the fact he quickly turned it over.

Even on Twitter, people couldn’t believe it was true as they commented on a tweet with their own reactions.

Whether the reaction was instinct or not, Wonwoo seemingly realized the negative connotations behind the card and didn’t interact with it again.

Source: SEVENTEEN/Weverse and @lvjunn

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