SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Reveals His Closest Idol Friend

The two of them have been seen together.

As one of the more laid-back SEVENTEEN members, many have wondered if Wonwoo has any idol friends. Thanks to a curious fan, he recently shared which idol he’s closest to.

Wonwoo | @pledis_17/Twitter

During an online fan signing for Shopee, a lucky fan asked Wonwoo if there were any idols he had close friendships with.

Keeping the friendship between the two groups going strong, Wonwoo revealed it was a member of MONSTA X. He didn’t hesitate to name the maknae. Wonwoo answered, “I.M.

The friendship is a familiar one. Wonwoo and I.M were once seen looking the part of besties, wrapping their arms around each other and having a laugh.

I.M and Wonwoo.

Since both of them are so laid-back and musically gifted, no wonder they get along so well. Check out Wonwoo confirming just how close the two are.