From Hot To Cool To Cute — SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Does It All In A Single Instagram Post

He’s gorgeous in all of them!

While there’s no official visual of SEVENTEEN, many would argue that Wonwoo deserves to be in the group’s visual line if they had one, and it’s easy to see why!


He can easily switch between handsome and mature to cute and sweet, which is one reason why he appeals to so many of the group’s fans.

He’s also just undeniably gorgeous no matter what he’s styled in!

In his most recent Instagram post, Wonwoo really proved that he can go from hot to cool to cute without a problem, just over the course of a couple of photos.

In the first two photos, Wonwoo looks totally sexy in an all-red outfit from a recent concert, as well as in a motorcycle-style jacket that shows off his toned arms.

| @everyone_woo/Instagram
| @everyone_woo/Instagram

In the third photo, he’s dressed in a button-up shirt and tie, giving him a more mature and elegant look.

| @everyone_woo/Instagram

In the final three photos, though, Wonwoo shows off his cute side in an adorable cat-eared beanie and tiny backpack, endearing every Carat who views them!

| @everyone_woo/Instagram
| @everyone_woo/Instagram
| @everyone_woo/Instagram

Fans are understandably fawning over the series of pictures, and also getting whiplash from the drastic change in style from the first to the last photo!


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Do you have a favorite look on Wonwoo, or is it too hard to choose?