SEVENTEEN Wonwoo’s Cover Of IU’s “Knees” Is A Heartfelt Ode To His Mother

It’s okay to grieve. It’s okay to heal. It’s okay if that takes time.

SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo released a cover of IU‘s “Knees,” and it’s meaningful for many reasons. It’s Wonwoo’s first cover since his debut, and though he’s part of the hip-hop unit, this song highlights his sweet and raspy vocals. But what makes this cover so heartwarming and sorrowful is that it’s an ode to his mother, who passed away this past April.

On top of the soothing melody, the lyrics overflow with emotions of longing. IU wrote this song when she was battling insomnia and remembered that she felt at peace and at rest falling asleep on her grandmother’s lap. This song is dedicated to a person’s childhood and their loved ones, and while it’s a song of remembrance, it also carries tones of sorrow.

If I lie down on your knee
Brush my hair
Like when I was young
If I fall asleep lightly from your nice touch
Just let me stay for a moment
Don’t wake me up
I’m going to sleep tight

— IU

After releasing his cover, Wonwoo sent a long message to CARATs on Weverse. His words are full of sincerity and honesty as he opens up his heart to CARATs.

They say that the changing of seasons is called the transitional season. It feels like I’ve been stuck in the transitional season for a long time. There are days my eyes and nose heat up for no reason, and there are days when my lips tremble.


It’s only been a few months since his mother’s passing, so it’s understandable why Wonwoo is still in the process of grieving. When you lose a loved one, there’s an empty space in your heart that will never be filled, and it takes time to get used to (though you never really do).

I still hesitate to answer the question, ‘Are you okay?’ However, I wish that some of this emotion will get carried away in the wind.


Wonwoo shared the reason why he chose this song. While he’s also a long-time fan of IU, “Knees” brings him back to his childhood, so his cover is dedicated to his precious memories with his mother.

I’m working hard to become a cool singer and reliable son, but it is still very difficult and sad. This song takes me back to my childhood. So I chose this song. How great would it be if (our) fingertips could meet again…


In his vulnerability, Wonwoo hopes to comfort CARATs, whether to reassure them of his journey to healing or to remind them that they’re not alone if they are also grieving.

Still, I hope CARATs could find solace in this. And I, too, through this song, am hoping I can meet (her) in my dreams today. Mom, please say hi to me in that moment, even in my light sleep.


You can listen to Wonwoo’s cover here: