SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo And Mingyu Reveals How “Bittersweet” Challenged Them As Artists

Their hard work definitely paid off!

SEVENTEEN‘s talented rappers Wonwoo and Mingyu recently released their single “Bittersweet” and the track is already a huge hit! While the track is amazing, Wonwoo and Mingyu revealed it had its challenges!


One challenged they faced was switching from rapers to vocalists for the single. Wonwoo and Mingyu are mainly rappers in SEVENTEEN, but they occasionally show off their beautiful vocals in their songs. Though they sing from time to time in SEVENTEEN’s songs, they haven’t really had the chance to sing a whole song as they did in “Bittersweet.” Despite the struggle, the two clearly worked hard as their vocals song amazing on the track.

Q: How did “Bittersweet” challenge you as artists?

Mingyu and I are both members of the Hip-hop unit and we’re responsible for rapping, so it was a new challenge for us to complete a song by singing the majority of it. We pretty much went from rappers to vocalists and there were constant attempts and endeavors we made along the way.

—  Wonwoo

Wonwoo also shared that they put in a lot of work to try and charter their original style in their lyrics. Even though it was hard, Wonwoo stated he’s proud of the results.

I also tried to incorporate a lot of original styles while writing the lyrics as well. I’m very happy with the output, especially considering all the effort and thought that went into the track.

— Wonwoo


Toward the end of the interview, Mingyu explained he and Wonwoo put in a lot of work to the song’s concept and how it ties to SEVENTEEN’s future releases!

“Love” is the main theme for SEVENTEEN’s music this year. We plan to showcase the various types of stories and forms of love that exist in the world through our music and performances. We tried to illustrate one possible storyline in our track, “Bittersweet,” where we sing of the blurring lines between friendship and love, and we hope to tell many more of these stories through our music going forward.

— Mingyu

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Furthermore, Mingyu expressed how hard the two worked on “Bittersweet.” Of course, while they are proud of what they created, Mingyu conveyed how he hopes fans will love it.

We worked really hard on this so we hope our CARATs enjoy it and look forward to more new music and performances from SEVENTEEN.

— Mingyu

Source: Elle Korea