SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Goes Viral For Being A “Pro Gamer”

“His smirk!”

The latest episode of GOING SEVENTEEN has, as always, left fans absolutely entertained. Especially since, as Seungkwan says, “Finally, it’s the day that CARATs and CUBICs around the world have been waiting for…” GOING SEVENTEEN released a competitive gaming episode dubbed the “GSVT E-Triathlon Championship 2022.”

And while all the members, including MC Seungkwan, were as funny as always, one member, in particular, stood out. Fans couldn’t get enough of gamer Wonwoo.

Wonwoo was paired up in a team with Hosi and Vernon, leaving him to do a lot of the work to win the games.

But even though Wonwoo was often focusing on the game at hand, it was obvious to fans that he thoroughly enjoyed himself in the episode. He kept smiling, which fans couldn’t get enough of.

But even more powerful than Wonwoo’s soft smile was the powerful image he had as a “pro gamer.”

Everything from his relaxed attitude while playing…

… To his little smirks every time he won a game caused fans to become a little more obsessed with gamer Wonwoo.

Of course, Wonwoo showed off his incredible gaming skill, proving himself to be the true ace of the episode.

His teammates expressed their gratitude for his skill.

And their “opponents” even pleaded for Wonwoo to give them a chance to win to make the episode more interesting.

And fans couldn’t get over how cool the idol looked in the episode.

Agreeing with Hoshi’s fanboying.

Hopefully, fans will get to see more gamer Wonwoo content in the future.

You can watch the full video here.