SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Steals The Spotlight With His Visuals And Duality At “Phantom” Movie Premiere

There’s nothing he can’t pull off.

SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo was invited to attend the premiere of the new movie Phantom, and it’s safe to say he totally stole the show!

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo | @everyone_woo/Instagram

Besides the main cast, the premiere was attended by many high-profile celebrities, including idols such as MAMAMOO‘s Solar and SHINee‘s Minho.


SHINee’s Minho

Yet, despite the star power on display, Wonwoo still managed to be a standout, just as he was at the recent 37th Golden Disc Awards, where he went viral for his jaw-dropping visuals.

But while he presented a dark, sexy look at the 37th Golden Disc Awards

…his concept couldn’t have been more different at the Phantom premiere. Dressed in a cozy all-white outfit, Wonwoo charmed fans and reporters alike with his bright smiles, showcasing his duality.

In fact, fans were amused by the enthusiastic way he was guided by reporters.

The resulting poses proved to be too cute to handle, leaving CARATs gushing over the images.

Wonwoo had his cute moments in the spotlight, but with his visuals and effortless charm, he definitely turned into the main character of the evening!