SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo’s Visuals Are So Stunning, Even A Sculpture Of Him Has People Swerving Into His Lane

No one can resist his charms, even in sculpture form.

SEVENTEEN is one of those groups that has so many handsome members, choosing just one visual isn’t enough. And even though they have four “official” visuals, it’s still pretty easy to argue that many of those without the title deserve it!

Wonwoo is one of those members. He has long captivated new fans with his good looks, especially since his cold handsomeness is the complete opposite of his warm, kind personality.

| Pledis Entertainment

It’s not surprising that a lot of people assume he’s an official visual of SEVENTEEN, because he would suit the position well!

In fact, recently an artist by the name Rooblue Museum on YouTube posted a video of themselves sculpting a gorgeous bust of Wonwoo. While the artwork itself is beautiful, what has delighted Carats even more is one of their instructor’s reactions to the sculpture!

Before the art piece is even complete, the instructor compliments how handsome he is, and even says that he’s the most handsome SEVENTEEN member that he has seen.

The retweets of the video have a lot of fans complimenting both the sculpture and Wonwoo’s visuals.

If you want to watch the entire amazing sculpting progress, check out the video below!