SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Gets Adorably Compared To A Cute Animal In The Latest Episode of “GOING SEVENTEEN”

The similarities are undeniable 😂

In the latest episode of SEVENTEEN‘s legendary variety show, GOING SEVENTEEN, the K-Pop group played different games together that resulted in their usual hilarity.

The episode was full of funny moments that show just how witty and entertaining the members are without even trying.

It’s always chaotic with SEVENTEEN, but always hilarious as well!

While playing dodgeball, the group decided on a “shield pose” that, if they got hit while doing the pose, prevented them from being out. Of course, with SEVENTEEN, the pose had to be something ridiculous and silly!

Once this pose was decided on, the game ensued. At one point during the episode, though, Woozi ended up doing the “shield pose” in an especially adorable way that even the editor of the video couldn’t help but comment on!

His similarity to a red panda is undeniable, and the other members of SEVENTEEN couldn’t help but get a kick out of the moment too.

Of course, fans of SEVENTEEN are spreading the tweet far and wide on social media, sharing the cute moment and their relatable reactions to it.

You can watch the entire hilarious episode of GOING SEVENTEEN below! The cute Woozi moment happened around 18:05.


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