SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Was Asked If He Feels Vulnerable Because Of His Music, Here’s How He Responded

Woozi opened up about his feelings!

Ever since their debut, SEVENTEEN is a group that has been well-known all throughout K-Pop for their top-notch producing skills! From their music to their choreography, everything has a distinct “SEVENTEEN” touch to it, and every member is able to showcase their incredible skills perfectly!

SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Instagram

SEVENTEEN recently sat down for an interview with Sakshma Srivastav from E Now, where they talked about their new song, upcoming new album, and more!

In the interview, the group’s reputation as “self-producing” idols came up, especially how their music is mostly written by Woozi, the leader of the vocal unit! As their main producer, Woozi was asked about his compositions, and whether or not they make him feel vulnerable in front of fans who listen to and love his music!

Since most of your songs have been inspired by real experiences, has it ever made you feel vulnerable? Do you feel it could maybe expose a little bit too much about you to the world sometimes?

—Sakshma Srivastav

Woozi revealed that rather than feeling exposed in front of Carats (their fandom name), he feels honored to share his feelings with them because he considers them an integral part of why they write music in the first place!

As we stay a part of SEVENTEEN and as we build all these memories together, I think Carats are an integral part of all our experiences and the times. Rather than embellishing anything in our music, it feels like an increasingly precious experience for us to be able to communicate our very own stories with Carats, using our own voices.

And we’ve been creating music ourselves for a long time now, so now I really want to give back to Carats for being there with us all along every step of the way. The fact that Carats are enjoying our music, that’s all we need.


As much as SEVENTEEN loves Carats, they love them the same, if not more!

Watch them talk about it here!

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