SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Gives BTS’s Suga A Rare Gift That Only A Few People Have

“I only give them to people I…”

When SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi stepped onto the Suchwita set, he didn’t greet BTS‘s Suga empty-handed. He gave his senior a gift that only a few people have.

Woozi | @pledis_17/Twitter

Before they kicked off the interview, Woozi arrived with both hands full of bags. Suga was so amazed that he couldn’t help asking, “Why’d you bring so much?

As Woozi handed the bags to Suga, he explained what was inside, “These are clothes with the name of my studio on them.” They weren’t your average branded merchandise, though.

Woozi revealed that only a select amount of people could receive them. He said, “I only give them to people I like.

Suga thanked Woozi for the gift he gave out so rarely, “Wow, thanks so much. I’ll make sure to try it on.

Watch Woozi touch Suga’s heart by bringing a gift, especially a rare one.

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