SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Loves Carats So Much, They Even Inspire A Lot Of His Music

The bond between the group and their fans is so beautiful, that it’s reflected in SEVENTEEN’s music!

SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi is known as a master composer and lyricist, and often draws ideas from his music from those around him! In a recent interview, he talked about his inspiration for his songs, and the role Carats (their fandom name) play in them!

Woozi | Pledis Entertainment

SEVENTEEN recently sat down for an interview with Sakshma Srivastav from E Now, and talked about their thoughts, bond with each other, and more!


In the interview, one of the questions was directed at Woozi, and he was asked if there was ever a time he was inspired by the story of a fan!

You always talk about how you create music for fans, and it connects so well with your fans. I was curious to ask you, when you have opportunities to talk to Carats [their fandom name] through fanmeets, or any other medium…through talking to them, does it help you understand their lives better?

And can that sometimes inspirations for songs and lyrics because that’s how you connect with them later?


Woozi revealed that rather than a particular event, he tends to think of how to convey emotions to their fans in the best way, and is therefore already thinking of them in every single song he creates. So rather than drawing inspiration from one fan or one story, he thinks of the bond that the group shares with their fans, which reflects in their songs accordingly!

It’s difficult to pinpoint to a particular situation or event, but as an example, just as we are able to think of lyrics and new ideas at the sight of SEVENTEEN and Carats together at a concert or performance venue, and the fact that we’ve been apart for so long also transpired into messages we want to deliver, and eventually in music in some ways.Things we want to say in these difficult times.

Recently, we started to get more opportunities to meet Carats in-person again, and there are thoughts and great energy that we derive from these moments as well. So it’s not that there is a single moment that we draw inspiration from, but as a whole, the state of SEVENTEEN and Carats ‘being together’, going through life together on it’s own is a source of inspiration.

I think it also speaks to the value of our relationship with Carats.


You can watch him talk about it here!

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