SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Leaves NCT 127’s Taeyong Shook With His Group’s Hefty Fine For Posting Spoilers

After hearing the price, Taeyong wouldn’t risk any spoilers either 😂

The members of SEVENTEEN drop spoilers so often that they decided to charge a fine. And when Woozi told NCT 127‘s Taeyong the hefty price tag of the fine, he couldn’t hide his shock.


When the two went live together on Instagram, Taeyong mentioned how much his group members release spoilers. Woozi could relate. Surprising Taeyong, he said, “We have a fine for that.

Leaving Taeyong speechless, Woozi revealed that the fine was large enough to buy a luxury car or house. Woozi said, “Yes, ₩300 million KRW ($221,783 USD).

After laughing at Taeyong’s reaction, Woozi reassured him they didn’t enforce the fine. He explained, “The members always spoil a lot. It’s a joke, though.

While the SEVENTEEN members often remind each other of the fine and joke about paying it, they would go bankrupt if they took the high fee seriously. Now Taeyong doesn’t have to worry about them going broke over spoilers.