SEVENTEEN Woozi’s Sasaeng Fan Snuck Into His Hotel Room And Carats Are Furious

His fans are asking Pledis to cancel SEVENTEEN’s Okinawa fanmeeting cruise.

SEVENTEEN is currently on tour for their 2019 JAPAN TOUR HARU organized by Pledis Entertainment & Pledis Japan. The shows will take place from April 2, 2019, in Fukuoka, Shizuoka, Saitama, Chiba and will conclude on April 24 at the “Osaka-jo Hall” in Osaka.

On April 4, after their presentation at the “Marine Messe Fukuoka” venue, a sasaeng fan of SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi snuck into the hotel floor where the members are staying, to place a Chanel gift bag in the doorknob of Woozi’s hotel room.

She uploaded a picture of the bag on her Instagram stories with a text that said “I can’t give this to him at the box at the venue so I put it in front of his room. I chose a fragrance that is close to what Woozi likes, please use it! I attached a letter too”. According to the translation of Twitter user @leejihuwun.

Carats were outraged by what the sasaeng did and demanded Pledis take action on the matter.


Some of them even asked Pledis to cancel their 3-day Okinawa Fanmeeting Cruise.


Additionally, they have questioned the security and safety measures Pledis takes with the members of SEVENTEEN.


Pledis Entertainment hasn’t made any statements about the situation.


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