Pledis Announces Their Final Decision About SEVENTEEN’s YouTube Channel

Pledis made their final decision.

Pledis Entertainment recently received backlash for suddenly changing their methods in releasing SEVENTEEN related videos on Pledis’s official YouTube channel, instead of SEVENTEEN’s channel.


Fans were unhappy with the new decision as SEVENTEEN’s channel has more than triple the amount of subscribers. The fans worried that SEVENTEEN will not get as much awareness as possible if the videos are released on Pledis’s official channel first.


After a long protest from the fans, Pledis Entertainment went into a 3-week discussion regarding the new change. They ultimately decided that they will revert back to uploading all SEVENTEEN videos on SEVENTEEN’s channel.


This is Pledis Entertainment.

Thank you to every fan who has unconditionally sent interest and love towards SEVENTEEN.

In regards to the fans’ concerns about the methods and management of SEVENTEEN’s YouTube channel, Pledis Entertainment staff and CEO Han Seong Soo had many discussions over the past 3 weeks.

We have ultimately decided to release all of SEVENTEEN’s contents on SEVENTEEN’s channel. This will go into effect starting on the 7th at midnight with SEVENTEEN’s trailer for their new album, “YOU MADE MY DAWN”.

All of the planning, including YouTube, are decided on by the company. However, the policies and planning must result in paying off SEVENTEEN’s efforts and make the fans happy. We believe our decision will do just that. We will continue to work hard to care for the fans and our artists’ feelings and put forth good results in the future.”

— Pledis Entertainment


The new decision took place starting with the group’s new trailer for their upcoming album, “YOU MADE MY DAWN”.


CARATs are beyond ecstatic that Pledis has listened to their pleas for the sake of SEVENTEEN’s continued growth in K-Pop!

Source: Top Star News