SEVENTEEN’s DK Gets Tearfully Emotional During Livestream With Fans

He’s such a sweet, genuine guy!

During a recent livestream, SEVENTEEN member DK expressed his gratitude towards fans and become emotional while discussing his feelings.

Carats were telling the vocalist how much they appreciate him and are grateful for what he gives to them, which made him get teary with emotions.

Here’s what he had to say:

Thank you. I’m sorry. It’s just… I’m so grateful. I’m not having a hard time. It’s just because I’m grateful. That I can be a source of strength for you is something I’m grateful for. And that you’re saying all these nice things… I’m so thankful. I think I’m getting more comfort than I’m giving you, so I’m sorry and thankful. Ah, I didn’t know I was going to cry. It’s strange. Why am I crying? I hope my members don’t listen to this.” 

— DK

During the livestream, he also shared a book he’s been reading, with inspirational quotes for fans such as “You are a person of worth” and “I am a special and precious person. I will live a life with meaning.”

Here’s how fans are reacting to his sweet words:

It sounds like Carats got just as emotional as DK himself!