SEVENTEEN’s “HIT” Ranks High, Charts At #1 In 19 Different Countries

Congrats on the comeback, SEVENTEEN!

SEVENTEEN has recently come back with a new song called “HIT”. The song is a smash hit (no pun intended) and is so well-loved, it ranked #1 in 19 countries.

SEVENTEEN’s global influence can truly be seen with how well they charted, and the group is known to be one of the 3rd generation pioneers in bringing K-Pop to the West. “HIT” ranked #1 in countries such as the US, Australia, Canada, Spain, Vietnam, and New Zealand.

Additionally, Billboard posted an article onto their official website in which they praised SEVENTEEN’s newest track. The song is full of electro-pop sound and according to the article, is said to be one of their most dynamic and charsmatic tracks.

Also, the article credits SEVENTEEN as being self-made idols who write their own music and create their own choreographies. The song and music video is receiving much love and attention. Congrats on the comeback, SEVENTEEN!

Check out the music video here!

Source: XSport