SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Reveals Which P-Nation Artist He Wants To Collaborate With

It’s probably not what you expected!

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi just revealed who his dream artist collaboration is!

Hoshi sat down for an interview with Esquire Korea, where he talked about his solo debut mixtape “Spider”, and gave other anecdotes about his life!

One of the questions asked to him was,

Who do you want to collaborate with?

Hoshi revealed that the artist he really wants to have a collaboration with is none other than hit sensation, PSY!

I’d love to collaborate with PSY. I love his songs, and the vibe that he has in his music. I just want to.


PSY is known for his bold persona that bursts out in his music, such as in his super viral hit, “Gangnam Style”!

Along with being a successful musican, he also created a label that houses other incredible musicians, P Nation!

Here’s to hoping for a collaboration from the two of them!

Hoshi recently debuted with his solo mixtape, “Spider”.

Watch him talk about it here!