SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan falls through stage and smashes his leg

He fell and bashed his leg on the edge.

A flaw in the stage almost caused a serious injury for SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan, who narrowly escaped falling down through a hole in the platform.

As he followed his fellow group members to the main stage to join the other idols, Jeonghan’s leg got caught in an opening in the stage, causing him to fall and bash his knee on the edge.

Luckily, he didn’t fall completely fell in. After seeing him falling, his group members and fellow Pledis Entertainment group Pristin rushed over to make sure he was okay.

It is unclear why there was such a large hole on the stage during a concert, especially when several idol groups had to walk down a narrow path to join the stage and stand with dozens of other artists.

MBC has not yet responded to questions about the incident.