SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Saw How Upset Fans Were So He Did This Surprisingly Simple Action That Cheered Everyone Up

Always leave it up to Seungkwan to save the day.

SEVENTEEN has recently made a comeback with their third studio album “An Ode,” which has already sold an astounding 600,000 copies!

Fans have been ecstatic with the album’s success and production.

And many have been ready to celebrate with the SEVENTEEN members whenever they can.

As with every comeback, CARATs were there to cheer on the SEVENTEEN members during their pre-recording for “Fear” at Music Bank.

Unfortunately, the pre-recording ended earlier than many fans had expected.

Some fans were visibly disappointed that the performances had ended already.

Noticing this, Seungkwan quickly came up with a plan to cheer them up.

After hearing some fans sigh after the pre-recording had wrapped up earlier than expected, Seungkwan suddenly broke out into song.

And it wasn’t just any song!

It was GOING SEVENTEEN’s “Ending Song.”

During the television series, at the end of each episode, the ending credits would feature the SEVENTEEN members singing the “Ending Song.”

Although the episode had ended, the “Ending Song” promised fans that even though they were saying goodbye, they would be reunited very soon.

We’ll see you again next time, please don’t be sad. Wanna know what’s coming next, Going SEVENTEEN

After hearing Seungkwan sing, many fans sang along.

The mood was instantly lifted, with fans reporting that members like Wonwoo were visibly laughing and smiling as well.

Although the goodbye may have come prematurely, Seungkwan knew precisely what to do to end things on a high note.

And on Twitter, Seungkwan made sure to thank all the fans who had come to support them on stage.

And it’s true. We’ll all be seeing SEVENTEEN very soon!