Seventeen’s Seungkwan Spotted Giving Fans A Special Gift

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan’s last name is Boo, which is native to his home of Jeju Island.

Perhaps that’s why he knows that everyone loves tangerines—Jeju’s favorite fruit and the symbol of the island.

But the origin of his last name does little to explain Seungkwan’s admirable kindness…

For two years in a row, Seungkwan has given out his home island’s favorite fruit to reporters waiting outside in the cold!

Last year, he had a basket full of tangerines and was disappointed that he didn’t think to bring more.

“I’m so sorry, I should have brought enough for everyone, I didn’t know.”

— SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan

So, this year, he brought an entire bag-full for everyone!

With so many tangerines full of vitamin C and Seungkwan’s kindness, SEVENTEEN will surely get through this cold winter easily.

Watch Seungkwan’s kind-hearted gesture below: