Actor Kwak Do Won’s Label Responds To Allegations He Verbally Abused An Actress Amid His DUI Controversy

MADA Entertainment responded to the allegations.

Actor Kwak Do Won, who was arrested on September 26 for driving under the influence, responded to several troubling allegations against the actor.

The well-respected actor was booked for DUI in the early morning of September 26. According to police, the actor was asleep in his car in the middle of the road. The police stated they believed the actor fell asleep while waiting for the signal to change.

Kwak Do Won | The Korea Times

Amid this, now an allegation that the actor had verbally abused an actress has gone viral. The allegations were first brought up by former journalist and now YouTuber Lee Jin Ho.

Lee Jin Ho | @연예 뒤통령이진호/YouTube

According to news reports, Lee Jin Ho claimed that the actor is actually very nice in person, but when he drinks, his personality changes.

Kwak Do Han does have a gentle side to him. I once drank with him, and he was also very gentle then. However, there is a side to him that changes, and I think that is the reason for his DUI.

— Lee Jin Ho

According to reports, The YouTuber revealed that he had heard first-hand that the actor had once verbally abused an alleged top actress.

Kwak Do Won went on a verbal tirade against an actress. The actress was the main character in one of his movies, but Kwak Do Won kept criticizing her acting. I was told that rather than criticizing her acting, it was closer to verbal abuse. I heard what was said, and it was very disturbing.

— Lee Jin Ho

Regarding these allegations, the actor’s label MADA Entertainment released a statement on September 27.

Kwak Do Won is apologetic about what happened and is reflecting on his actions. Please refrain from speculation on incidents that have not been verified to have taken place or write misleading articles.  We are again deeply apologetic.

— MADA Entertainment

Kwak Do Won is a Korean actor who has starred in movies such as The Wailing, Steel Rain, and Asura. The actor’s upcoming K-Drama Villains and upcoming movie Firefighter have been thrown into jeopardy due to the incident. There has been no official word from either production.


Source: Money Today and News1