Sex Worker At Center Of Celebrity Drug Scandal Faces Serious Consequences

Both Lee Sun Kyun and G-Dragon have tested negative for drugs.

The madam who is at the center of the celebrity drug scandal has been arrested.

Lee Sun Kyun | Chosun Ilbo

On November 7, Incheon’s District Prosecutor’s Office revealed they had arrested and indicted an adult establishment madam “A.”

“A,” who has 6 prior convictions on her criminal record, is suspected of having illegally abused several drugs this year. “A” is also alleged to have received drugs from a doctor she knows and then shared it among celebrities.

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“A” is revealed to be awaiting trial after being detained for investigations. She is the first person to be detained from the drug scandal that has rocked fans.

According to the investigations, “A” worked at an exclusive members-only adult establishment catering to the wealthy and famous. She is also accused of blackmailing Lee Sun Kyun for ₩350 million KRW (about $269,000 USD).

Actor Lee Sun Kyun Is A VIP Member At The Exclusive “1%” Adult Establishment Where He Used Drugs

Meanwhile, “A” has alleged that she herself has been blackmailed by a third party, “B.” When asked who “B” was, “A” reportedly stated that she didn’t know.

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