K-Pop Costume Designers Reveal The Sexiest Body Parts Boy Groups Are Allowed To Show On Broadcast

“[The sexiest body parts] we can legally show you…”

While the sexy concept in K-Pop is often associated with girl groups, many of today’s boy groups embody exciting and seductive vibes on stage too. But how far can they go? In a new interview, two K-Pop costume designers revealed the sexiest body parts male idols are allowed to show on broadcasts.

Together, Jo Min Jae and Jo Yeon Suk make up DEM PROJECT—a costume design brand specializing in leather and jeweled accessories with a sexy twist. Over the past few years, the pair have worked with numerous K-Pop artists to create alluring stage outfits, including MONSTA X, WJSN, ASTRO, NU’EST, and more.

Harness designs by DEM PROJECT. Left to right: NCT’s Taeyong, SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi, MONSTA X’s Shownu, GOT7’s Yugyeom, NU’EST’s JR, THE BOYZ’s Q

In a new “Comment Defenders” interview with AYO on YouTube, the DEM PROJECT design team talked about showing off sexy body parts for ASTRO’s subunit MOONBIN&SANHA.

According to Jo Min Jae, the DEM PROJECT team consider their costume design for Moonbin and Sanha‘s unit debut to be one of their “masterpieces.” He went on to explain that while harnesses were originally made from nylon webbing line, they’ve now evolved. Many harnesses today are made from cotton, becoming more like actual clothing than sexy accessories.

| AYO 에이요/YouTube

Alongside boasting modern construction, Jo Min Jae revealed that Moonbin and Sanha’s harnesses were the “sexiest” DEM PROJECT have ever made. Why? Because they show off the two sexiest features they’re allowed to reveal in costume design. Jo Min Jae and Jo Yeon Suk went on to explain that the two sexiest body parts “we can legally show you” are the collarbones…

| @ASTRO_staff/Twitter

… and the pubic bones.

When you accentuate the pubis and collarbone… Fans, please send some meat to our office.

— Jo Min Jae

While the sexiness of the pubic bone is self-explanatory, collarbones as a sensual area may come as a surprise. However, in 2015, research showed that a visible collarbone is one of the most highly-sought body features for women because of how attractive the area is considered to be.

The DEM PROJECT team shared that many of their accessory designs are rejected by stylists and “conservative agency CEOs” because they come across as too sexy or break television broadcasting restrictions.

By giving glimpses of collar and pubic bones like Moonbin and Sanha did with “Bad Idea”, the costume designers can create a sexy look that grabs fans’ attention without making idols uncomfortable or upsetting TV executives.

Source: AYO 에이요