All iKON Members Are Sexy, But Here’s Who They Think Is The Sexiest

“Between our members, we call the ‘Killing Me’ dance the ______ dance. He’s really the best member for the concept.”

It is quite obvious that all the iKON members are sexy, especially with their new concept for “Killing Me”, which is based on a dark, brooding, sexy kind of vibe.


Despite all the members being too sexy for their own good, iKON revealed who they thought was “the sexiest” among themselves.

They appeared as a guest on Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time radio program to talk about the sexiest iKON member alive!


As the members were talking about their recent comeback, Bobby explained that they were doing their best to show more of their “charismatic” side in their recent promotions.

“The concept for our new song is dark sexy so we tried very hard to show more of our charismatic sides.”

— Bobby


When the host then asked, “Which member suits the dark, sexy concept the best?”, all members agreed that it was Jinhwan!


Yunhyeong mentioned that the “Killing Me” choreography was basically called the “Jinhwan dance” among the members.

“Between our members, we call the ‘Killing Me’ dance the Jinhwan dance. He’s really the best member for the concept.”



Junhoe chimed in, indicating that even Jinhwan’s belly fat was sexy.

“When Jinhwan dances, his belly fat slightly shows. But even that’s sexy.”



And after seeing the “Jinhwan dance” – as iKON calls it – it’s not hard to see why the members all chose him as the sexiest member!


Just look at this fake-maknae ooze with sexiness!


Who would you choose as “the sexiest member”? Check out iKON’s “Killing Me” music video below:

Source: Newsen