Missing “Single’s Inferno” Already? Check Out The Sexier Dating Show “Eden”

It’s hotter in Eden than in Inferno…

Netflix‘s hit Korean reality dating show Single’s Inferno recently concluded its second season.

If you’re anything like us, you’re low-key going through withdrawal already, not having two new episodes to look forward to every week.

Kim Se Jun | Netflix

Well, we might have another dating show you can watch until Single’s Inferno 3.

A TikTok recently went viral, featuring an ad for another Korean dating show. At first glance, it appeared a lot like Single’s Inferno as it depicted men and women in swimsuits on the beach…

It even showed the men playing the same game featured in Single’s Inferno, but some scenes were undeniably spicier.

The rest of the video showed that the cast was in what appeared to be a lot more dramatic situations than in Single’s Inferno. 

The TikTok went viral with 668.7K views and 54.4K likes at the time of writing.


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♬ 오리지널 사운드 – 에덴, 본능의 후예들 – 에덴, 본능의 후예들

Netizens couldn’t ignore the similarities to Single’s Inferno. Yet, many felt like it looked more “realistic.”

| @zemmixcnb/TikTok

The show in question is iHQ‘s Eden, Descendants of Instinct (also known as EDEN).In a lot of ways, it’s similar to Single’s Inferno. A group of Koreans is searching for love at the beach, unable to reveal age, occupation, etc.

The perfect EDEN HOUSE to fall in love! The rules here are.. only way to move as your heart is drawn between attraction and condition, the excitement that has been locked explodes here now! Can men and women who found Eden find their mate here?

— MyDramaList

Yet, there are several differences. It happens in the span of just six days, and the cast shares a house. So, there’s no need to go to Paradise…

And while Single’s Inferno is basically G-rated, Eden, Descendants of Instinct is at least PG-15. There is notably more sexual content and lots of skinship, while Single’s Inferno has little to none.

Some viewers prefer Eden, Descendants of Instinct to Single’s Inferno. The contestants surely don’t shy away from each other…


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♬ original sound – ÀRIO MINDUCES💜


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♬ nhạc nền – Ruby💎 – Miu❣️

Simeez, Yoon Bomi, and Lee Hong Ki are the panelists of EDEN. You can watch Season 2 on Rakuten Viki.

Source: zemmixcnb

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