SF9 Explain Why They Changed The Entire Choreography For “Tear Drop”

Fans were quick to notice the change!

SF9 released their comeback album Turn Over and the music video for the title track “Tear Drop” on July 5, 2021. The group also performed in a showcase for the album earlier that same day where they performed an entirely new choreography.

During the showcase, Zuho explained the thought behind changing the dance:

We’ve worked through a lot of albums to find our color. Through Kingdom, we found a solid color, and we are presenting it through this album.

— Zuho

Leader Youngbin stated that the group was working on Turn Over while competing on Kingdom: Legendary War, and that the opportunity to challenge themselves led them to find new colors.

Throughout SF9’s time on Kingdom, fans enjoyed seeing the members present dramatic, story-based stages. These included a performance of Taemin‘s “Move” that showcased the group’s potential for more subtle sensuality in addition to their usual powerful choreography. This combination comprised the “new colors” they show in “Tear Drop.”

SF9 performed Taemin’s “Move” on the show’s 9th episode. | sf9/Tumblr 

While the MV choreography is certainly in line with the group’s “Sensational Feeling” image, according to member and frequent SF9 choreographer Yoo Taeyang, the new choreography shows “flexible and genderless points” that deviate from their previous work.

What do you think of the new choreo? Check out the MV and dance practice for “Tear Drop” below!

Source: 이호영