SF9’s Inseong Awaits COVID-19 Test Results After Musical Actress Cha Ji Yeon Tests Positive

Schedules could change after the results come in.

According to FNC Entertainment, SF9 revealed on their official fan cafe, “SF9’s Inseong, who is currently appearing in the musical ‘Red Book’, has taken a COVID-19 test.” They continued, “The agency will inform you about the test results and the progress of the comeback schedule as soon as they are confirmed. We apologize for causing concern to fans and ask for your understanding.”

Inseong, who is playing the main lead role in the musical Red Book, took a COVID-19 test after being notified that the female lead, Cha Ji Yeon, tested positive on July 4. The two have not recently been on stage together, but were tested just in case of possible infection.

In addition to Inseong, all other musical performers are also waiting for the test results. 

SF9, who is just one day away from their comeback on July 5, could possibly change schedules after the results of Inseong’s test comes in.

Source: xportsnews