SF9’s Jaeyoon Adorably Gave A Shoutout To “Kingdom” Friends During His Birthday Live

“K-Pop is one family.” 🥺

On August 9, SF9‘s Jaeyoon celebrated his birthday by doing a livestream for FANTASYs! Every few minutes, his fellow members would swap in and out so that each one could give Jaeyoon their best wishes!

Hwiyoung ended up helping him cut the cake…

And Dawon even gave him a kiss!

When it came to Inseong and Zuho‘s turn, their conversation shifted over to the topic of their idol friends that are releasing new music! Jaeyoon shared that E-Tion from ONF had contacted him earlier, as they happened to have the showcase for their new album that same day. He then remembered August 9 was also the comeback date for Sangyeon and New, his buddies from THE BOYZ!

Inseong took the opportunity to say that K-Pop really is just one, big family, and Zuho gave each group from Kingdom: Legendary War an enthusiastic “Fighting!” as they all clapped together.

Later on, the guys reiterated their feelings about how strong the bonds between all of the groups became throughout the filming process of the show.

Zuho: I think K-Pop are indeed one.

Jaeyoon: True. We are one.

Zuho: That is the best thing that came from Kingdom.


Fans love to see that they still take the time to keep in touch with the friends they made on Kingdom even after the show finished airing!

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What do you think about their adorable shoutout?


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