SF9 Members’ Moms Celebrated The Group’s First Win By Gifting Fans With The Best Present

The best idol moms in history!

SF9 recently won their first music show awards for “Good Guy”! It was the first time they won 1st place since their debut in 2016.


Youngbin announced through their official fancafe that the members’ moms have always wanted to do something for the fans who continued to support them.

With their recent special win, the moms have gathered together to gift the fans with the sweetest gift!

Fantasy!! Our moms have always said, ‘Aigoo, we’re so grateful to our Fantasysㅠㅠ Is there any way we mothers can repay them?’ And they decided to prepare tteokbokki and fish cakes through this opportunity.

We hope you guys enjoys it as our moms prepared it in hopes of taking care of you guys. I hope it brightens up your day!

And we’ve always been receiving, so we’re so grateful that our moms were able to prepare thisㅎㅎ

Anyways, let’s continue on together, Fantasy. We, SF9, will won’t let go of our tightly-held-hands with Fantasys😁 I love you❤️

— Youngbin


The SF9 moms got together to gift the fans with delicious food! Multiple food trucks for teokbokki (spicy rice cakes) and fish cakes came to greet the fans who were waiting for SF9.


The truck was decorated with signs that held a heartwarming message to the fans. The trucks read, “Fantasy, we won’t let go of our tightly held hands./Tasys, the moms are buying!/Can’t you tell right away that it’s the moms’ gifts for our Fantasy


The fans were able to enjoy delicious snacks that were decorated with sweet photos of the SF9 members. The moms also gifted bags of hot-packs so that the fans won’t be too cold during the harsh winter weather.


The packages read, “The Mom-tasys’ hearts will ache if we can’t read our Fantasys’ hearts!


No wonder why all of the SF9 members have the sweetest hearts! They got it from their mothers!


Celebrate SF9’s legendary 1st win below!

Source: Nate Pann