SG Wannabe confirmed to make their long-awaited comeback with new album!

One of the most recognized vocal talent groups in Korea, SG Wannabe, is confirmed to be making a comeback after more than four years!

A music industry insider revealed that “SG Wannabe will be joining hands with composer Jo Young Soo to release a new mini-album. They are working very hard as it has been a long time since their comeback.” It is further revealed that SG Wannabe will be releasing a medium-tempo ballad track for which they were well-known for back in the height of their days.

The insider continues to reveal that Jo Young Soo has worked hard to create a song for SG Wannabe that will surpass the tracks “Timeless” and “Partner For Life” (directly translated as “My People”), adding, “All of the members are satisfied with the new song. Expect to meet the return of an upgraded SG Wannabe of legendary status.” 

SG Wannabe will be promoting under CJ E&M, whom they signed with for their comeback promotions back in January. They were reported to have trouble choosing which producer they would like to recruit and work with, but returned to Jo Young Soo with whom they have a special bond with.

They are expected to release their new mini-album sometimes in mid-August.

Debuting in 2004, SG Wannabe rose into prominence with their fantastic vocals despite not revealing their faces to the public. Since then, they have had released countless of hits, including “Timeless,” “Sin & Punishment,” “Saldaga (While You Live,” “Arirang,” “La La La,” and more.

However, their activities as SG Wannabe were halted following the death of memberChae Dong Ha in 2011, who committed suicide after his long bout with depression. Chae Dong Ha debuted in 2004 with SG Wannabe, leaving the group in 2007 to pursue solo activities, and was replaced by Lee Seok Hoon.

Source: Daily Sports