SG Wannabe in discussion for a comeback for 2015

SG Wannabe is the next legendary group who have been revealed to be in talks for a comeback in the coming year!

Reportedly, the trio are currently in talks with CJ E&M to plan a comeback. The company said, “We are currently in a positive discussion to release a new SG Wannabe album. No specifics about when or how activities will be carried out has been determined yet. We are on a level where we are simply meeting and negotiating for an agreement.”

Debuting in 2004, SG Wannabe rose into prominence with their fantastic vocals despite not revealing their faces to the public. Since then, they have had released countless of hits, including “Timeless,” “Sin & Punishment,” “Saldaga (While You Live,” “Arirang,” “La La La,” and more.

However, their activities as SG Wannabe were halted following the death of member Chae Dong Ha in 2011, who committed suicide after his long bout with depression. Chae Dong Ha debuted in 2004 with SG Wannabe, leaving the group in 2007 to pursue solo activities, and was replaced by Lee Seok Hoon.

Currently, Kim Yong Jun and Lee Seok Hoon are set to be released from the military in early 2015, before preparing for their group comeback with Kim Jin Ho.

Source: No Cut News