Rookie Idol Faints On Stage During Comeback Showcase

She suddenly collapsed on stage mid-interview.

Rookie girl group SHA SHA recently held a showcase for their comeback track, “What The Heck”, when Wanlin suddenly fainted and dropped to the ground.


The members gasped in shock as the MC and staff rushed towards her.


She remained limp as they carried her off the stage with the members split between worrying for Wanlin and remaining on stage to finish the showcase.


Throughout the showcase, Wanlin looked weak as she struggled to keep a smile on her face and frequently dozed out during the interview.


Just moments before she fainted, Wanlin reached out to a member next to her for help.


Her agency sent out a statement explaining that Wanlin was rushed to the hospital where she regained consciousness. She has undergone a series of tests and the results will be released tomorrow.


This is SHA SHA’s agency.

We would like to first thank all the press reporters who came out to SHA SHA’s showcase, and we’d like to apologize for making you worry.

Wanlin regained her consciousness after being moved to the hospital. She finished receiving her tests and is currently resting up.

Wanlin’s test results is scheduled to be released tomorrow (24th).

Thank you once again for attending the showcase, and we apologize for making you worry.”

— Major Entertainment 


After the video circulated on various social media sites, MC Ding Dong has come under fire for the way he “roughly” handled Wanlin as soon as she fainted.

  • “Why did he literally tug and yank her…”
  • “the way the man handled her was so rough… he should have been more careful”
  • “SO disturbing, poor girl – the MC is scaring the hell out of me”
  • “Is he putting her head to his dick. WTF”
  • “OK the MC never had a First Aid Classes in his live its so wrong the way he tries help her”


Major Entertainment has yet to release a statement about whether Wanlin will participate in SHA SHA’s promotions for “What The Heck”.