“Shades Of The Heart” Film Starring IU To Release This March

Whose excited for the film?

The film Shades of the Heart, starring IU, will be coming to theaters this spring!

This film is about Chang Seok, played by actor Yeon Woo Jin, whose marriage fails, bringing him back to Korea. As he’s about to publish a novel about his life, he meets various people, including Mi Young, played by IU, bringing him to add another story to his novel.

| Shades of the Heart/At9Film

In the teaser released by At9Film, IU’s soft yet emotional acting has already caught viewers’ attention. Even in this short clip, it has already started to stir interest to the public.

On the other hand, IU will be making a comeback as a singer with her fifth album LILAC, on March 25. This album expresses her emotions of being in her late twenties and entering her thirties.

At9film recently confirmed that the movie would be set to premiere on March 31.

Source: insight