Shaman’s Past Statement About TWICE’s Jihyo Resurfaces In Light Of Her Dating News With Kang Daniel

The video was from April 2019.

In light of TWICE Jihyo‘s recent dating news with Kang Daniel, a video from earlier this year has resurfaced where two shamans made a shocking statement about Jihyo.


In the video, two shamans were shown photos of the TWICE members and asked to reveal their fortune. During the interview, the shamans were asked to choose which member will be the first to have a dating scandal.

Both of them chose Jihyo!


They revealed that Jihyo has strong fortunes when it comes to her dating life and marriage!

We’re able to see someone’s fortune regarding their relationships and marriage. Out of all of the members, I think Jihyo will be the first to get married.

She has a strong fortune.

— Shamans


Surprisingly enough, the shaman was on point about Jihyo’s personality! After seeing her photo, the shaman claimed that Jihyo was the core of the group that held the members closer through her mature and responsible personality.

She’s more mature than what you may expect from looking at her. I can tell she’s a responsible person who’s the center of the group that holds them together.

Since the group has many members, conflicts are inevitable. I can tell Jihyo is the one to resolve those conflicts peacefully.

— Shaman


They also predicted that TWICE will be together for a long haul! They also claimed that Nayeon and Dahyun were most likely to venture out as a soloist too.

Yes, but I can also see that Nayeon and Dahyun can debut as a soloist.

I predict Dahyun will debut soon.

— Shamans


Check out the shamans’ full interview about TWICE below:

Source: MoneyS